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“I think ICAN is one of the most user friendly of the numerous online book keeping packages and has the advantage that you can download your data into a spread sheet making the information fully portable giving more control over the data.”

Chartered Accountant


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“It is easy to use and easy to teach, helps me keep everything in order so it saves my accountant time at the end of the year”

Telford Businesswoman and Business Mentor


Martin – Reprographic and Design says:

I keep on top of my business finances using ICAN

  • I am not a book-keeper but I found the system very easy to pick up and use–Jackie - Animal by Products

  • I hate bookkeeping but like ICAN–Tony - Design and Marketing

  • This helps me keep in control and is easy to use–Sandra - Network Marketeer

  • Fab system straight forward to use–Mike - Property Measurement Company

  • I keep on top of my business finances using ICAN–Martin - Reprographic and Design

  • ICAN makes my life so much easier. As a small business owner I do my own book keeping and Ican helps me out in a number of different ways. I can keep things up to date regularly and quickly, even when I'm travelling around. But it also allows me to get an instant overview of my finances so I know exactly where I stand. Invoicing is a breeze and I love the mileage calculator too. I recommend ICAN to everyone!–Helen