A key requirement for any book keeping software is to record sales. ICAN on-line software supports cash and invoice based recording of your sales.

Cash Sales

Many businesses raise invoices against sales, but some don’t. For example, public houses and shops. With ICAN you can record money received from cash sales without the overhead of having to create a sales invoice to allocate it against.

Batch Invoices

ICAN supports sending one invoice to more than one customer. This is ideal if you want to raise an identical invoice for many customers at the same time. Money received can still be allocated appropriately against the individual customer’s balance.

Repeat Invoices

With ICAN book keeping you can create sales invoices that automatically generate at predefined periods and email themselves to your customers without you having to do anything more than creating the first, and specifying the interval that it should repeat at (daily, monthly, quarterly or yearly).

Keep Track of Who Owes You Money

The Customer Listing tells you straight away who still owes you money. From here you can also get a breakdown of all invoices raised and all money received to, and by, the customer. The Aged Debtors Report extends this to provide details of how long customers with balances have owed you money. From these reports you can elect to email Remittence Advice and Statements of Account to your customers.

Sales Reports

There are various reports available to provide instant insight into your sales.

The Income and Expenditure report provides a classic Profit and Loss style breakdown of your sales and other Income and the corresponding expenses and overheads. The report comprises a tabbed display on three pages of data and charts.