ICAN online book keeping provides a simple mechanism for recording money in and money out of your business. Every transaction is assigned a unique audit reference number. You can use this so that your accountant can match up exactly your digital records with your physical paperwork and receipts.

Sales and Receipts

When recording money received, you can optionally allocate the money against one of your outstanding invoices. Receipts not allocated will be treated as cash sales. In this way you can use the Aged Debtors Report and the Customers/Suppliers List to see instantly, who still owes you money.

Purchases and Payments

In the same way that receipts can be paired with sales invoices to show who owes you money (i.e. debtors), payments can be optionally paired to the purchase invoices to show who you owe money to. This can be seen on the Aged Creditors report or in the suppliers columns of the Customers/Suppliers listing.