Simple, Safe and Secure
With iCan secure online book-keeping software, your day to day accounting will be a breeze.

You can access all of your accounts from anywhere with an internet connection. LetiCan simplify the way that you exchange information with your accountant. Keep track of your accounts in real-time. TheiCan book keeping system runs securely online, so you can access all of your accounts from anywhere with an internet connection.

Uncluttered and Powerful
iCan is simple to use, but very powerful. It’s packed with features for your every day record keeping.

While other online accountancy packages boast a seemingly endless array of features – most of which you will never use, iCanaims to provide you with a robust set of core features that you will find useful every day, such as: Invoicing, Money-in/out and Profit report. See below for the full list of features…

No Complex Pricing Plans
One price for everyone, and as long as you are a member of the community, you will have access to all iCan features.

We also aim to make the website as mobile friendly as possible – no need for additional apps or plugins. Pay as you go, month by month. No contracts, if you don’t use it for a month, then just renew when you need to.

Key Features

Record and send invoices. Manage who owes you what.

Create and manage your customers | Save as PDFs | Email invoices | Batch Invoicing: Create a single invoice to send to multiple customers | Aged debtor analysis | Customise your invoices look and feel: Change fonts, background and colors.

Money In / Money Out
Record money received and money paid out. Keep track of who you owe money to.

Record money received and assign against specific invoices | Classify money received against nominal codes | Record cash sales | Record money received and assign against specific purchases invoices | Record your expenses and classify against nominal codes.

Various flavours of Profit and Loss and  Balance Sheetto help you keep track of how you are doing.

Profit and Loss | Balance Sheet | Profit/Loss over time | Aged debtor analysis | Aged creditor analysis | Cash Flow Forecast | Export Your Data to Excel | Job Costing.


Simple and Intuitive Interface

Edit and manage your accounting data with a simple to understand and intuitive interface.

Record Sales

Create invoices and email them to your clients.

Record Money In

Record money received by your business and assign it to your outstanding invoices.

Record Expenses

Record and categorise your business expenses.


View simple to understand reports and charts on your Profit and Loss, Balance Sheet, Debtors and Creditors.

Advanced Features

Create reminders, Reconcile bank statements, Create quotations, Send statements, Record mileage, Unlimited users per  account, Job costing, Purchase ledger and creditors reporting.

Invoicing / Billing/ Customer

Supports own Logo or background graphic, Saves Client and Vendor information, Enter full description of goods and services, Sends invoices via email, Option to save invoice as PDF, Multi level invoices, Aged Debtors Report, Send Statement via email, Option to Clone recurring invoices, All data available in CSV format, Offers different tax rates per invoice, VAT Prepares summary VAT Return, Prepares detailed VAT report, Option to lock data after VAT return prepared, Invoice or Accrual VAT calculation, Unlimited profit centres for management reports, Simple projects profitability summary option

Money In / Money Out

Unlimited number of Bank Accounts, Unlimited number of Credit Cards, Potential for non sterling accounts, Record full details of each Payment and Receipt, Option to Clone recurring items, Bank and Cash Account and Bank and Cash Control, Bank Reconciliation Facility, Link to VAT report if cash accounting, Link to Purchase Ledger, All data available in CSV format  ( as extra back up or to work on)

Income and Expenditure

An Income and Expenditure summary: From / To date options, Drill down from summary to individual items, Suitable to link to a Cash Based Simplified Reporting Tax return in 2014

Balance Sheet

A balance sheet in summary: Available at any date, Drill Down option to individual item

Purchase Order Referencing

Show on your sales invoices the Customers Order Reference Number

Mileage Log

Record details of journeys as they happen just record the mileage and the details of who you have visited and the system does the calculations.

VAT Return

Prepare VAT returns for any period required, Select Invoice Basis or Cash Basis, Full listing of Input tax and Output tax and related payment & receipts, Make adjustments for: EC Acquisitions, Fuel Scale Adjustment, VAT on Mileage, Any Other Adjustment. Lock data after agreement of return

Even more…

Create recurring/non-recurring reminders and receive daily reminders | Create custom nominal codes to assign your transactions to | Record purchases in a purchase ledger | Create and manage your suppliers | Manage your company details | Create as many users as you wish, with various roles | Mobile friendly: Works out of the box on your mobile