You can create one-off tasks or ones that recur:

  • daily
  • weekly
  • monthly
  • or yearly

Tasks that become due will be emailed to you at the start of the day as well as appearing on your Admin Main Menu dashboard.


To dismiss a reminder simply click the checkbox next to it in the reminders panel of the Admin Main Menu.

Creating Reminders

Click the Reminders icon on the Admin Main Menu.



Initially the reminders display as a tabulated listing like all the other views, however you can also view the reminders as a calendar by clicking the calendar icon in the listing toolbar.


Item recurrence is coloured coded with a key at the bottom of the display. At the top of the display you can:

  • Navigate to the next/previous months
  • Return to the list view 
  • Jump to the current month
  • Add a new item

Click on an item to edit it or click the month day digit to create a new item on that day.


  1. Enter a description
  2. Enter the start date for the reminder 
  3. Enter an end date (or leave this field blank for a perpetual reminder)
  4. The date complete field displays the last time you marked this reminder as done. You can clear this field to reset the reminder – effectively marking it as not-done 
  5. Select the appropriate recurrence (or none) from the drop down selector
  6. Press Submit to save your changes