On the invoice creation form, select the frequency from he drop-down list.


The drop-down labels are generated from the invoice date. You can select:

  • Repeats weekly
  • Repeats monthly
  • Repeats quarterly
  • Repeats annually

When an invoice becomes due to repeat, a copy of it will be created and emailed automatically to the customer.

Forward dating invoices will result in a duplicate invoice being created, so you should not date the first in the set as later than today’s date.

Note that this feature is not currently available for batch invoices.

Invoices that are set to repeat will display a schedule icon next to their invoice date in the invoices listing.



Invoice References

The system will attempt to use the next number in the sequence if you use numeric invoice references. If it cannot determine the next reference (i.e. if you use textual references), then it will just use the source invoice reference appended with the current date.

Stopping an Invoice from Repeating

To stop an invoice from being included in the repeat-billing service, you should locate the last auto-generated invoice in the series, edit it and clear the “Repeat Billing” field by selecting “None” from the drop-down.

What Happens When a Repeat Billing Invoice Has Been Generated

Invoices are automated generated as part of the ICAN Digest process and as such you will be notified of any that were created in the Digest email.