Batch invoices in ICAN are single invoices for multiple customers. These invoices can then be emailed to one or more customer in the same way that standard invoices are.

To create a batch invoice click the “I want to select more than one customer” link below the customer selector. The selector will then transform into check-boxes enabling you to select as many or few customers as you wish, to assign to the invoice.


Note that batch invoices will automatically generate a unique reference for each customer’s invoice based on the batch invoice reference you have entered. This reference will be in the form of a /x where x is an incrementing number.

I.e. If you create an invoice with reference inv101, and you send to 10 customers, then the invoices sent will have references inv101/1, inv101/2, inv101/3 etc. up to inv101/10. In this way you or your accountant can identifier a particular invoice in the batch without having to manually assign a reference to all.


Printing your Batch Invoices

When you create a standard invoice to a single customer, you can view a PDF of the invoice Рto print, and/or save locally, by clicking the magnifier icon  in the left column of the sales-invoice listing. For batch invoices, the procedure is just same, but this time, when you view the invoice, you will notice that the PDF contains all the invoices in the batch, so you can save them or print them, all at once.

To print or send an individual invoice to a single customer in the list, expand the “Show details…” link and use the mini versions of the print and email icons next to the customer in the list.