The VAT Report provides a means for generating the values for the boxes on the VAT return. You can create and save the report (though once saved, it is locked and though it can be deleted, it cannot be directly edited). To run the report, clickthe VAT icon on the Admin Main Menu:

You will be presented with a blank page. From here, you can elect to either:

  1. Load a previously saved return, if you have any
  2. OR create a new one


Creating a New Return

Enter the VAT period dates in the boxes to the left of the Create a New Return button and then press it to generate the base report.


The top part of the report relates to the boxes on the return itself, whilst the bottom part provides the breakdown of the figures. Depending on whether you base your VAT on cash or invoices, you will either see figures based on either

  • Money In and Money Out
  • or Sales and Purchases.

The totals are colour coded so you can readily spot which figures relate to which boxes.

You will also notice that there are various columns in the VAT return boxes portion of the report (EC Acquisitions, Fuel Scale Adjustment CO2 Emissions etc.) and that some of these have zeros in. You can click one to add a manual adjustment (and accompanying note) to the end figures.


Saving a Return

Once you have generated the report and entered any adjustment figures, you can save the report by clicking the save button . This is an important financial document so will render any transactions falling within the period – that is:

  • Money In
  • Money Out
  • Sales
  • Purchases

Locked. A lock icon will appear next to any of these records and they will no longer be editable. A snapshot of the data will also be saved.


Deleting a Saved Report

To remove a saved report, simply load it and then press the delete button .