The Cash-flow Forecast Report is an interactive report that provides a simple means to plan for future cash in and out of your business. To use it, you simple add one or more inflow items and specify the monthly totals and then repeat for the outflow items. The report then calculates the net cash flow. Handily, (and if any are available) the report also provides the actual monthly cash-flow totals for the last financial year for comparison.

How to Use the Report

Before any figures have been entered, the report looks like the this:



To begin, click the icon next to the “Inflow” heading:


This will bring up the Inflow Nominal Picker. Click on one of the items to add it to the report.


The item will be added to the report and an input box will prompt you for a total for the first month listed. Enter a number and press return, or tab. This number is then filled across the other months automatically for you.


To change individual month totals, simply click one and it will become editable. Then press return or tab to save it.


When you have added as many inflow items as you need, repeat the process for the outflow items.


Saving Your Report

To save your report:

  1. Optionally click the heading to rename the report.
  2. Then press the save icon above the report

Loading a Report

To load a previously saved report:

Click the folder icon above the report


A list of saved reports will slide down.

To load one, click the icon next to it.

To delete a report click the icon next to it.