To log hours worked by your employee, click Employee Hours on the Admin Main Menu.

You can filter the hours log by the standard date or search filters along the top and bottom of the display.


Click Edit icon to edit one or click new* to create a new record.


Select the appropriate employee from the list and enter the other details in the form. Then press Submit to save them.

Emailing Gross Hours Worked to Your Payroll Agent

To email your Payroll agent the items in the listing, click the email icon in the toolbar above the table.



This works in the same way as the other email functions in the system. Enter a recipient email address, subject and covering message (and optionally tick the copy me in checkbox to have your own email address copied in). To preview the email that will be sent, click the preview tab and when you are ready, click the send button.


Viewing a Report of Employee Hours Worked and Absences

On the Employee Hours listing screen, click the employee name to view the breakdown of the employee’s hours.


The Employee Hours report will popup. This report groups the employee hours by calendar year and then work type (standard, authorised absences and unauthorised absences).

Click a year to expand the details.



To get a breakdown by Financial period, use the date filters on the Employee Hours listing.

Minimum Wage Check

The system will display a warning icon if it detects that the rate of pay is below the minimum wage for the date of the payment. You can hover your mouse over the icon for more information.


Minimum wage is dependent upon:

  • Whether the employee is an apprentice OR
  • Their age – typically:
    • 16 to 17
    • 18 to 21
    • Over 21

An applicable warning message will display in the email when emailing the hours to your payroll agent.