Click the Purchases button on Admin Main Menu to access the Purchases listing.

The purchase listing contains a tabulated list of all the purchase invoices that you have so far created. Above and below the listing, there is a toolbar that provides:

 Search: Enter some text to search for in the input box and press the filter button. You can then cancel the filter by pressing the cancel filter button

 Filter by date: Enter a start date and an end date and press the calendar button

 Print: Send the current list to your printer

 Download: Download the entire list (all pages) as a CSV (comma-separated-values) file that will then open in any of the popular spreadsheet programs

 Add new: Download the entire list (all pages) as a CSV (comma-separated-values) file that will then open in any of the popular spreadsheet programs

If you have a lot of entries, then the listing will be paged. You can view another page by clicking the dropdown pager at the top right. By default, the listing will appear in reverse order that you entered the items. I.e. The last invoice you created, will be at the top of the initial page and the oldest invoice will be at the bottom of the last page.


At the top of the actual list, you will find a row that displays the totals. Note that this total is for all the the purchases, not just the ones displaying on the visible page.

The last two columns contain the standard edit and delete Delete icon icons to edit or delete the items.

Click the “Details…” link to view more information about the item. You can click this link to expand and display the constituent items.


Editing or Creating a Purchase Item


To edit and invoice click the edit icon next to it. To create a new invoice, click the new icon in the toolbar above the listing.

At the top of the edit form there are several icons:

 Return to the listing

 Add a new purchase

The form is divided into three parts:

  1. The top of the form is where you put the basic details of the item such as date, reference and supplier
  2. The middle part is the item details sub-form. This is where you add and edit the details of the products and services that make up the purchase: description, unit price and quantity etc. 
  3. The last part is the listing of the sub-items that make up the item. You can click the edit icon next to any of these to re-edit them or the delete icon Delete icon, to remove them. The total is displayed beneath here.

Fields in the form

    • Date – Defaults to current day – edit as required
    • Reference – Your Invoice Number – edit or overwrite


  • Supplier – Select from your list of Suppliers. This list will be shown alphabetically. Clicking Add New will enable you to add a supplier to the database from this screen. You can also add suppliers under Manage where you can set up all customers and suppliers
  • Nominal – Select the coding from the drop down list
  • Quantity – Enter the quantity of the item 
  • Description – Enter item description 
  • Total, Net, VAT, Gross – firstly select the appropriate VAT Rate from drop down and enter net amount the gross amount will be calculated. This should be the unit amount of the product. The total price will be calculated automatically 
  • Save Changes

Next to the Reference field there is a “suggest one” link. If your invoice reference are numeric, then this feature will simply enter the next one available.

Adding Multiple Products and Services to an Purchase Invoice




Fill out the details on the sub-form and press SAVE.