Login and click onto Money-In on the Admin Main Menu. This will then open up the listing of previously entered receipts.


Select a record to edit by clicking the  edit icon next to it, or click New* 


The first set of fields (titled Money In) relates to general information about the payment.


  1. Enter the date (will default to the current date).
  2. Select the bank account that you paid the money into.
  3. Select the type of deposit that was made (e.g. BACS, transfer etc.).
  4. Enter a description for your reference

The next set of fields relates to the actual specifics of the receipt, such as amount and what it related to. A receipt may comprise several constituent parts that may, for example, relate to a number of invoices being paid. You can add as many splits to the payment as you wish by clicking the split icon .


Each time you add a new split, remember to press the save button.

  1. If the receipt relates to an outstanding invoice, select it from the first drop-down.
  2. If job costing is enabled for your account, you can optionally assign a job code in the Your Ref. box.
  3. Select a nominal from the list. This is a way of categorising transactions for use in the various financial statements. Note that if you select an invoice from (1), then this drop-down will disappear as the coding of the invoice details will be used in preference. You can re-show this drop-down again by clearing the invoice selection.
  4. Enter a description for the item, or tick the Use main description check-box to copy the description from above.
  5. If you are VAT registered, enter the net or the gross and select the appropriate VAT rate. Notice that the totals update when you change the VAT rate. If you are not VAT registered, simply enter the total amount.
  6. If document storage is enabled for your account, you may also optionally attach a scanned receipt.
  7. Press save to commit your changes.

When you save the transaction, you will notice that the splits build up as a sub-listing below the first field set.

  • Can the edit icon  next to one to re-edit it.
  • Or click the split icon  to add further splits.
  • If you accidentally open the add split sub form click the close icon  to cancel it.