Coding transactions against nominal codes is a fundamental feature of record keeping. ICAN provides you with a lot of built in codes to use. You are encouraged to use these as much as possible to ensure that your codes are handled correctly by the Balance Sheet and Profit and Loss reports, however, you may wish to create your own nominal codes to provide richer information about your income and expenditure. This topic describes how you can tailor the coding system to your needs.

Showing or Hiding the Standard Nominal Codes

There are a lot of standard nominal codes built in to the system. Some of the more esoteric ones such as depreciation may not be often (or ever) used. Built in nominal codes cannot be deleted, but they can be hidden. To do this go to Manage > Nominal Code List, either from the top menu bar or from the Admin Main Menu.


Nominal codes that are currently not hidden will display with a lit light bulb icon, whilst those that are not will be greyed out and the bulb will be off. To toggle a code on/off, click it’s table row.

Codes that are used by transactions (invoices, purchases, money in or money out) cannot be hidden or deleted. You’ll need to reassign them first.


This listing shows built in and custom codes alike. You can toggle any of them on or off, but you can only edit or delete the custom ones that you yourself have created.