Start by setting up your organisation record as this is the cornerstone of all your record keeping. 


Fill in as much as you can and save changes.


You will get a message that the data has been saved.

Come back at any time to update and save changes. See the Managing Your Organisation, for more information about this section.

Manage Your Users

Click on User tab:



  1. Primary User Account – enter or edit details of the primary user
  2. Save changes
  3. Optionally add other users
    1. Click on New
    2. Add other user’s details and level of access
    3. Save Changes

Add a Company Logo

  1. Click on Logo
  2. Upload a logo: This will appear on Invoices, Quotations and Statements. For best results, your logo should be square and no bigger than 135px x 135px.
  3. Save your changes.


Customise Your Invoices and Other Documents

  1. Click on Customise
  2. Edit and save