Recording a Sale – Adding a Sales Invoice

If Sales invoices are not enabled on your account, skip this section.

Click Sales in the Edit Menu. You will then be taken to the invoice listing screen. As you add invoices, the latest invoice will appear at the top of this listing. For now, click “New“.

Fill out the details, making sure you enter the details in the Products and Services area and press the submit button to save. See the Recording Sales Invoices section for more information.

The invoice will now be generated and can be emailed, printed off and delivered or handed to your customer. The system retains the details of all invoices generated and these are listed in numerical order and can be reviewed and additional copies can be printed or emailed to customers at any time. Copies can be printed off and filed in date order or customer order as required. Copies of the details of the invoices are available from FILE menu where the data can be downloaded in an excel format and stored.

Legislation requires businesses to retain appropriate records in the event of an enquiry by HMRC and we recommend details of invoices are kept for seven years.

Recording Cash Sales, Cash Takings and Cash Receipts where no Invoice is Issued

  1. Click on Money In,
  2. Add New Record, ( Screen Opens)
  3. Change Date to date of Receipt
  4. Select Account as CASH
  5. Payment Type is CASH
  6. Enter Description 2 Takings for the Day
  7. Ignore Assign to Invoice unless a invoice customer is paying by cash.
  8. Enter Order Ref if Appropriate
  9. Enter Nominal Cash Sales or Market Sales etc.
  10. Enter Description or tick Use Main Description
  11. Enter Amount and VAT
  12. Click Submit

The Sales record is automatically updated and the VAT as per the %.