The Basic Steps Involved in Using ICAN to Record Accounting Data

Admin Main Menu

This isn’t really a step, but it is worth briefly mentioning as the Admin Main Menu is the hub of your activities on ICAN. It contains various chunky buttons that relate to the features currently available to you. In addition, it also displays any reminders you have set up that are now due, and the latest updates from the ICAN blog.


1. Record Sales

 Sales are recorded as invoices and can be accesses via the Sales button on the Admin Main Menu.

2. Receive Money

 Any money received is recorded via Money In and in the process linked to outstanding invoices. This then facilitates the Aged Debtors report, so you can see at a glance how much money you are owed. NB. The Customers/Suppliers listing also provides this information.

3. Record Expenses

 As well as money in, you will likely need to record various business expenses. This is done via the Money Out section.

NB. If you have the Purchases modules active, there may well be an additional step: Record Purchases. In this case you can assign money out to outstanding Purchases Invoices in the same was you assign Money In to Invoices.

To Sum Up

That’s it! Once you have grasped the simplicity of the system, you can follow these three simple steps to maintain your accounting records year in and year out.