Can I have a free trial?

Yes. The first 3 months are free.

Is there a manual?

Yes. The system is intuitive to use, but there is an on-line manual with PDF download, and plenty of in-context help links.

How secure is my data?

All communications links with you and ICAN are encrypted We use password enabled login systems and firewall protected servers Your data is held on our servers in at least two locations and is currently backed up hourly.

What charges do you make for the service?

The service is £2 per week, paid for monthly.

How can I have a copy of my data?

You can get a number of reports from the system and we recommend that you use the download facility to copy all of your data in excel format regularly. This is also a great way to pass on your accounts to you accountant at year-end. If you have file attachments, these will be bundled with the data in a handy zip archive.

Is the company behind ICAN financially secure?

ICANetwork Ltd is fully financed and all development costs have been paid for.

What other software do you have available?

We specialise in accounting systems and are looking to develop and improve ICAN.