Recurring Invoicing / Repeat Invoicing

With ICAN you can now schedule invoices to automatically generate and email to your customers with the new Recurring Invoicing function.

What is a recurring invoice?

A recurring invoice is a template that specifies an amount, list of items, customer and a schedule, based on which ICAN generates invoices on a regular basis.

How do I create a recurring invoice?

  1. Go to ‘Invoices’
  2. Click “New”
  3. Create an invoice as per any ...
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New Human Resources (HR) Module – Manage Employees and Hours Worked

hr_1With the new HR module you can:

  • Record general information about your employees
  • Record job information about your employees such as start date and end date
  • Upload employment contracts and other relevant documents
  • Record hours worked, hours off sick, bonuses to be paid etc. and email them to your accountant
  • View reports by week, and year of hours worked by each employee


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Email Reminders

The email reminder system is now live. To use it, click the reminders button . You can schedule one-off reminders, or ones that that recur every day, week, month or year. Due reminders will be listed in the panel at the top right of the admin menu. To dismiss them, just click them. Recurring reminders will then not appear until the next time they become due.

In addition, if you have entered a valid email in your company email field, you will receive an ...

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