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Affordable online accounting for everyone

  • Money In/Out
  • Mileage Reporting
  • Income and expenditure
  • Balance Sheet
  • Invoicing and Debtors
  • Purchase Ledger
  • VAT Return
  • Job Costing Summary
  • Document Upload

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Ideal for small businesses, students and home-workers/agents Start up businesses, Sole traders, Voluntary Non trading Organisations, Small Non Trading Charities Sole Traders, Partnerships, Limited Companies, Trading Voluntary and Charity Organisations All organisations
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Money In/out

  • Unlimited number of Bank Accounts
  • Unlimited number of Credit Cards
  • Potential for non sterling accounts
  • Record full details of each Payment and Receipt
  • Option to Clone recurring items
  • Bank and Cash Account and Bank and Cash Control
  • Bank Reconciliation Facility
  • Link to VAT report if cash accounting
  • Link to Purchase Ledger
  • All data available in CSV format (as extra back up or to work on)

Mileage Reporting

  • Record details of journeys as they happen just record the mileage and the details of who you have visited and the system does the calculations.

Income and expenditure

  • An Income and Expenditure summary
  • From / To date options
  • Drill down from summary to individual items
  • Suitable to link to a Cash Based Simplified Reporting Tax return

Balance Sheet

  • A balance sheet in summary
  • Available at any date
  • Drill Down option to individual item

Job Cost Summary

  • Assign job codes to income and expenses to determine profitability of your jobs

Purchase Ledger

  • Creditors: See how much money you owe
  • Purchase Order referencing

VAT Return

  • Prepares detailed VAT report
  • Option to lock data after VAT return prepared
  • Invoice or Accrual VAT calculation
  • Unlimited profit centres for management reports
  • Simple projects profitability summary option
  • Show on your sales invoices the Customers Order Reference Number
  • Prepare VAT returns for any period required
  • Select Invoice Basis or Cash Basis
  • Full listing of Input tax and Output tax and related payment & receipts
  • Make adjustments for EC Acquisitions
  • Fuel Scale Adjustment
  • VAT on Mileage
  • Any Other Adjustment
  • Lock data after agreement of return

Invoicing and Debtors

  • Supports own Logo or background graphic
  • Saves Client and Vendor information
  • Enter full description of goods and services
  • Sends invoices via email
  • Option to save invoice as PDF
  • Multi level invoices
  • Aged Debtors Report
  • Send Statement via email
  • Option to Clone recurring invoices
  • All data available in CSV format
  • Offers different tax rates per invoice.
  • VAT Prepares summary

Document Upload

  • Upload scanned receipts and download as a handy zip archive containing all files and a spreadsheet of your transactions that references them to send to your accountant, or just as a backup.